Thursday, December 10, 2009


cooked long enough! Yo'ull get here soon! I am so very greatful for the Spoynsor my Heavenly Father helped me choose! I am greatful for the friends that keep me grounded and not so crazy! I can just say that I am loved and I love today! The greatest gifts are from above! I am so greatful for Christ's atoneing sacrifice and that we are able to be forgiven if we allow that. My faith just continues to grow and my love for the program and my faith in Heavenly Father.

Another year is about to end

I was sitting here thinking about this whole year and the good things that have happened! I am so grateful for that my mom is doing better, I am grateful for my life and the people that come in and out my life. I have been so blessed this year!
My husaband is a booger! I love him dearly! I miss my friend JeriBeth. She moved away to GA and I miss her laugh! I will cherish the huge barbcue and watching Finding Nemo, and Ice Age. I haven't laughed that hard at someone's reactions in So long!
I miss my grandduaghter in MO, and my daughters there too! I miss my friends that we've lost in the fellowship. I know that I will see them again someday, and I know they are sitting with Jimmy K having the most awesome meeting!!! I love the fact that I see my oldest granddaughter Ava regularly now! I felt such a hole in my heart that is now so full!!!! I love the fact that I have 2, yes two Grandsons on the way! Preston keeps thinking he's coming