Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another year is about to end

I was sitting here thinking about this whole year and the good things that have happened! I am so grateful for that my mom is doing better, I am grateful for my life and the people that come in and out my life. I have been so blessed this year!
My husaband is a booger! I love him dearly! I miss my friend JeriBeth. She moved away to GA and I miss her laugh! I will cherish the huge barbcue and watching Finding Nemo, and Ice Age. I haven't laughed that hard at someone's reactions in So long!
I miss my grandduaghter in MO, and my daughters there too! I miss my friends that we've lost in the fellowship. I know that I will see them again someday, and I know they are sitting with Jimmy K having the most awesome meeting!!! I love the fact that I see my oldest granddaughter Ava regularly now! I felt such a hole in my heart that is now so full!!!! I love the fact that I have 2, yes two Grandsons on the way! Preston keeps thinking he's coming

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  1. Nice to read about your gratitude. It's a good time to reflect on all that is in my life.