Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ok, the date is getting later, The year is going on and passing me by! I enrolled in school today! I am so happy about that. I am just sad about my friend's daughter, yet I know I'll see her again. She no longer is suffering. I think the biggest thing is that my son'd mortality is more in my face than ever. I get so worried about him, he's 21, and was born with 3 major heart defects. I am more worried than ever. He gets so tired all of the time and that usually is a sign that it's getting close to the time for another surgery. I am afraid for him. He has an 80 yr old's heart at this point. I just worry. As for the life going on around me, my mom is still in the hospital, has been there since before Thanksgiving. I just hope she gets well enough to go home soon! My Grand kids are awesome!!!! Ava the oldest is growing so fast! She says things like " you're killing me", and sings about her mema and pepa! It's wonderful! Preston is already 5 and a half months old! We've had another grandson and it's getting closer to Alyssa's 2nd birthday! Where does all of the time go?

Well, I planted a huge garden this year and OM It's just flourishing!!!! I will try to catch up sooner next time!


  1. a flourishing garden is a great thing.it can bring joy to the planter.

  2. Good update. Glad that the garden is doing well. Mine is doing well also.