Wednesday, July 22, 2009

there are just times

I have been through some interesting things, in my time, but yesterday took the cake!
We had to take my 20 yr old son to get yet another heart Cath in Kansas City, MO. He went there because he has been seen by them since age 11. He wasborn with 3 major heart defects and has had multiple surgeries since. Anyway, so we drive up there and last Oct he had a heart attack so they put a pacemaker and defibulator in. Well when they looked at the settings, it was no wonder why it's gone off twice. They had set it too low. He had been shocked by it unnecessarily. How frustrating!!!!!!
The best thing is that we were told, NO MORE FOR A WHILE!!!! (SURGERIES)
GOD loves me! I was so relieved at that moment I cried! To think, he is great!!!!!! There is no more relief than I felt at that moment.
I also got some sad news. One of the people I went to class in Dallas with passed away from Cancer. I didn't even know he was sick. Coach D you will be missed!
I got a chance to be on the oncology floor at Children's Mercy there in KC, and I have to say, I pray I never become sick like that. Those poor kids! Those poor Parents!!!!!
I can't imagine how it would feel to know that they aren't getting better, no surgery will fix it, and you are completely powerless! Anyway, if you don't have cancer insurance I would suggest it. One family had been there with her daughter for 6 months! I pray for those families now and hope you too will do the same.

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  1. glad that your child is okay. Medical costs can be so crazy high. Hang in there.