Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am sitting here today thinking about the fact that I'm 37 yrs old today, and I'm not employed right now, and really have no idea what I want to be! I have thought for years that I should be a daycare provider but I have raised my kids! I don't want to raise anyone elses! I'll have to write more later

I'm back, I was sitting her looking through photos of my gorgeous grandchildren on myspace accounts, and realized that I am listed as Step Mom under one of my kids. I have never thought of them like that and it just hurt. I took it way personal. I thought we got through that when the girls were like 5 and 7. It just reopened that old wound of the EVIL STEP MOTHER!!!!!! I hate that. I know I never gave birth to them, but I know I have been even more of a mother even far away than their own mom there in the same city.