Friday, January 16, 2009

Just For Today

I was sitting in a meeting tonight and I lead the Friday meeting at my Home group, which my feeling is the best home group on the planet! Anyway, back to what I was saying, I like to shake things up and piss people off once in a while so I wrote a few topics on pieces of paper and and people draw the paper out of the bucket to share what their Higher Power felt was signifigant for them.

I wanted them to not look at what they had drawn until it was time to share, but people have a way about them and do whatever they want! It was one of the best meetings I have attended in a long time! I got so much out of it because people shared from the heart and from what their Higher Power wanted, not what they wanted.

I heard about grief over dope, I heard about taking things a day at a time, the 1st step, resentments and denial of them, and most of all I heard of HOPE!

My Higher Power has placed things and people in my life that I have to be so very grateful for. I love the way that He allows me to be me, and teaches me acceptance, patience, and tolerance of others on a daily basis.

I went for my interview today and I have hope today. I was so afraid that I wouldn't be employed again. I survived the interview! That in and of itself was great! Normally they only take about 2 hours, Mine was past the parking time limit for visitors parking! I think that is a good sign.

I am loving life today and I have given my will and my life over to the God of my understanding. Sometimes I admit that I take that back. Today, I don't want it. I need that off of me to sleep well and get over being sick. I am grateful to those who come to my meetings and share their recovery with me.

Also thank you to Syd and Clean and Crazy for sharing with me as well! much love!

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  1. Very cool,
    I am glad to here you are learning to surrender again, it seems like you have been full of self will for a while now. I like it when you turn it over.