Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So very grateful

I was just fiddling with facebook the other day and sent a message to a woman with no expectations except that I would be thought of as crazy again, and I get a reply that this is the same person I have been looking for for years!!!!

I started crying I had to compose myself! It was so awesome to hear from her and to know that she found happiness finally when she didn't think she would. I can remember so many years ago the help and encouragement she gave me when I didn't think that I deserved any and she was incredible!

Anyway, I am going to do H&I tonight and I am looking forward to it. I was at a function this weekend and someone who knew me ( I only recognized the face ) called me by name and hugged me tight and thanked me for being one who helped get her clean...

I stood there confused a moment until she told me that I had taken meetings into the jail when she was there and that she looked so forward to being able to go to her first meeting outside of jail because of that. It started her journey. I wept. (I weep a lot if you have't figured that out yet) My Higher Power helped me to see what exactly my service is doing for the area and the Fellowship around me. Sometimes I feel as if I don't do enough. I know that I do in my heart. I can't carry the Fellowship. When things have to get done they get done. Not because of me, but because our Higher Power takes care to make sure it's done. If we think we are in control today, our Higher Power laughs his butt off!

I don't want that control. I can only control the nose on my face and what's behind it nothing else! I LOVE RECOVERY!!!!!!!

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