Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey all!

I was going through some stuff trying to find something I lost. A poem that I written when I felt like I could hurt no more over abandonment. Wow My Heavenly Father a real wierd sense of humor.

I found everything but that poem! I found a letter from a young lady that I used to sponsor that ended up dating my son, then got loaded and is now expecting! I only pray she's clean! I haven't heard from her in a while.

I found pictures of my son when he was a little guy and almost started crying because OMG how time flies! I also found 3 pieces of metal. 1 says Love, 1 says Peace and 1 says Wisdom. I thought to myself, where did those come from and then realized that in one of my desperate attempts to try and fill that God void, I spent a fortune on little things that didn't mean a whole lot. At least not at that time.

For me today I so much Love in my life I can't count the ways it is shown, I am starting to feel that peace again that I once had and everyday my Heavenly Father gives me a little more wisdom than I had yesterday. It was definitely meant for me to find those tonight and a lot has happened in a few short years.

I am so blessed! I went to my interview this evening as a matter of fact because of that sense of humor thing again, and OMG! I can totally do this!!!!!! I am so stoked! I am going to Dallas for a whole week to be trained and I do not have to look at the teenagers in my house and suffer from testosterone poisoning from them!!!! YIPEE!!!!!! I can't wait! I am ready for a life altering change that can benefit my entire family.

I know that no matter what, my family is in the care of God and we will get through whatever is thrown our way with gratitude, peace, wisdom, and love.


  1. It sounds great about the job. Those little pieces of metal that you found carry some profound messages, don't they?

  2. 74WixyGrad said that you are a good read,and he is right.