Thursday, February 5, 2009


I know that is a very deep subject! I finally got some sleep only to be woken up that the kids missed seminary again this morning. I am responsible for their upbringing but only to a point! LOL!!!

It has been such a lazy day for me thank goodness. I haven't been able to do anything for me all week unless I'm up until 130 in the morning! No good. I wanta sleep!

Anyway I'm just being silly at this point. I did some scapbooking last night and this morning and my pages are very cute I think. I love to do that in my spare time. I wish I had more!

I called on my testing for the new job and I will be going in for a class the 24th of Feb and Flying to Dallas to take a class for a week! I am so nervous about flying! I hate it!!! I would much rather drive. I leave on the 15th. It looks like Feb is going to be a very busy month!!!!

I think the most exciting thing is the end of the month though! we all get together as women and have a HUGE slumber party! I can't wait!!!! We girls really know how to Party CLEAN!!! I can't wait because there will be no Men, No KIDS and no dogs up my butt when I'm sleeping!!!!!

If you don't have one weekend in the year that you get together and do something as just Men or just women, try it sometime! this is the 14th annual I believe and I've been going since 2001! You talk about a blast! We get to eat what and when we want, and just PLAY!!!!

Okay, I'll stop making you jealous now. I need to get a shower and get out of my PJ's!

Much LOVE!

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  1. Sounds like a good time. I hope that you enjoy it.