Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm home

Wow! It was a very long trip, but I lived through it and feel right with the world. I went through a bit of self discovery while there.

1. There are addicts everywhere. I wasn't sure why I was clicking with one lady in particular, but she had a certain way about her. Lo and behold she was in Recovery! We had such a great conversation after the discussion ensued about recovery. We realized that it its such a very small world after all! Hey that's a song!

2. I am somebody, no one has to tell me this, or give me a boost regularly, I am a leader and I am worth many good things coming my way. Sometimes I lose sight of this. Actually, I can't ever say that I knew it for sure on the inside. I faked it a lot.

3. That I don't have to rely on others for my self worth! I guess this could go along with 2, but I like it being separate! I am me! I have a distinct personality and it is me! I am not my husband, or my family I am me! Sometimes I get lost in people and can't find myself. I am Darra! How awesome is that? I love music, I love to dance, I also love people. I am outgoing and can be really funny! I don't want to lose my sense of self.

4. I missed meetings! I wasn't able to go to meetings and missed them drastically. I also missed my loved ones, like CNC, my kids, and hubby. I missed my nieces and nephews too. I claim those kids as well. If you get used to a way of life for a while, it's hard to change. It's good to talk about it too! I should go to get some rest. This is another insane week for me!

Love to all!

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