Wednesday, February 4, 2009

man, I just can't get enough!!

I was reading some interesting Blogs this evening and really haven't been able to stop! This can be it's own addiction I think! Thank you for all of your comments. I am finally starting to wear out. I don't get sleepy very easily anymore. I got so irritated earlier when I attempted to post a picture on or with my blog.

As you can see I love dolphins! I think they are the most incredible, serene and intelligent creatures. They love their children and communicate well. All that I aspire for my life. I think that if reincarnation is possible I was born in another life in the ocean!

Anyway, I also Love ducks and geese. I don't know why, but have you ever sat and watched them? They are so incredible! I will attempt to come back tomorrow!


  1. I agree with you about there being interesting blogs out there. And I also agree when you say it's very time consuming reading them.

    BTW, my wife Kathy, who writes the Bipolar Supporters Unite blog attended a meeting yesterday evening of NAMI and presented her ideas for a mentoring program. She should have a post about that on her blog sometime today.

  2. Dolphins are great. I like how they follow me on the sailboat. And to watch them feed by herding fish to shallow water is fascinating.

  3. As for the letter "B" there is a game in the blogs going around and you are given a letter. You have to pick your ten favorite things that start with that letter and post it on your blog. I got my first letter from Shadow and in order to get a letter you have to read the blog and usually there are instructions on there that if someone wants to play just leave that in the comment section "I want to play" the rules are the other blogger gets to pick the letter for you and you post in your blog about your favorite things starting with that letter.